Anne has always had a dream. A dream of being rescued by a knight, living happily ever.

But such is the world of dreams, not reality. Anne is a Russian-American girl living in the big city much like contemporary Los Angeles. She is in a relationship with Dylan, a good-for-nothing guy who cares for her looks as well as fast parties more than her personality or interests.

Interests that include spending a majority of her time at Rooms Café, one of the local coffee shops, studying about Byzantine Imperial history, with an ultimate and unfulfilled dream of being rescued by a Byzantine knight from her captor, though she is never able to see how it will conclude.

Such is Anne’s dire situation when she unexpectedly meets David, an Asian-American guy, with interests seemingly different from hers, but someone who soon encounters Dylan and eventually writes an end to her dream.

So, the story goes . . . .

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