Russ Emanuel Director, Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Editor, Music Supervisor, Poster Artist, Webmaster
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Originally from San Francisco, Russ grew up in both Japan and the United States, garnering an international viewpoint of the world throughout his childhood. He wrote his first screenplay in 1993, a spec script for Star Trek: The Next Generation before it went off the air only a few months later. Soon after, Russ would go on to make his first film for his senior High School project, ending up receiving the highest grade for that school year. Based partially on that success, he then went to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles to study Cinema-Television, International Relations and Japanese. More recently, he wrote a 10-part fantasy saga and a science fiction trilogy, has worked as the Assistant to the Producer on The Failures, and has taken UCLA Extension Film, TV and Digital Entertainment classes on directing, including "The Craft of the Film Director I" by Richard Friedman. He has also founded his production company Russem Productions of which Her Knight is the first film under its banner. Since then, he became the Producer on the films Mavet, The Diary and Sellout, is in post-production on GWG: Girl With Gun, and begun pre-production on Desert Nightmare. He also recently began Web Design, designing the Mavet, Desert Nightmare, Upcoming Films, and Video Projects websites.

Emile Haris Co-Writer, Boom Operator, Co-Editor, Visual Effects Editor
A graduate in both Writing and Film from Long Beach State, it's all about making movies for this enthusiastic individual. In an attempt to marry experimental moviemaking with the documentary narrative, Haris, together with Yos Park produced the sci-fi short Frakie Died, which they put under their production company, Atomicgum Productions, founded in 2000. The movie challenged the notion of eternal life at consumer prices while examining the proposition of being able to live forever. Interested in taking a stab at the extremely challenging romantic genre, he teamed up with USC graduate Russ Emanuel and created Her Knight, a contemporary romance with strong fantastical as well as historical elements. He has since shot several mini documentaries showcasing life in Los Angeles, worked as a grip and assistant camera on several independent productions including The Diary, directed Mavet, and has begun working with Russ Emanuel on GWG: Girl With Gun and Desert Nightmare.

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