Neil Argo – Composer
Having received a Masters of Music, Music, Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado and a Bachelors of Music in Composition from North Texas State University, film and television composer Neil Argo’s dramatic and provocative scores have been heard all over the world. From The New Mission: Impossible, Wild America, Melrose Place, and Beverly Hills 90210, to the far reaches of “South African National Geographic” documentaries, he has composed for many noteworthy projects. His scores have involved full studio orchestras, but also electronic synthesized music, having also developed hybrid scores using both acoustic and electronic elements. He is a member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists and a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, as well as a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He has composed scores for numerous programs that have won awards, including a Gold Award from the International Film and Television Festival of New York for the episode of "Born to Run" from the television series "Wild America", 9 Silver and 6 Bronze Telly Awards for “AT&T,” and 2 Emmy awards for the “Survivors of the Skeleton Coast” National Geographic episode and “A Community of Caring” documentary for the Directors Guild of America.

Jenni Alpert – Singer, Songwriter
An eclectic-soul artist based out of Los Angeles, Jenni has paved her way from coast to coast by touring festivals, colleges, clubs and coffee shops with a grass roots style. Over the last 6 years she has performed with regularity both as a bandleader and acoustic solo artist. Built on a foundation of jazz, soul, and rock, she has fresh musical ideas with a unique vocal style. Her rich melodic voice complimented by her acoustic guitar and piano playing reveal deep thoughtful stories. Both with her band and solo she will take you on an unexpected exciting musical journey leaving you wanting more every time. Jenni has worked or shared the stage with well respected musicians: Herbie Hancock, Kenny Burrell, Melissa Ferrick, Left Over Salmon, Alana Davis, Ivan Neville, Mary Lou Lord, Kevin So, and environmentalist speaker Julia Butterfly Hill. She has produced three records of her own: an acoustic EP Unpolished, Nothings Wrong, and Honest Smile and has other recordings available featuring live performances. In addition her work has been featured in independent films shown at Sundance Film Festival, UCLA and USC.

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