Keri Johnson – Vocalist
At an early age, Keri blossomed as a natural performer, with a love for music. Keri won the top music scholarship for voice at Pacific Lutheran University, as well as top scholarships at University of Puget Sound and University of Southern California. Her studies remained close to home at the University of Washington School of Music. Studying private voice lessons with Julian Patrick and Valerie Yockey, Keri also performed in and represented the University Chorale as a soloist under the direction of John Conlon. As a classically trained vocalist, Keri went on to compete and win several vocal competitions in 1995, such as National Association of Teachers of Singing and earning superior ratings in The Metropolitan Opera Auditions. Currently, Keri performs as a professional soloist for Weddings, Recitals, Concerts and other Professional Events. Keri continues her studies of classical voice with Katherine Ireland, a renowned soprano who has debuted regularly in lead roles with the Los Angeles Opera. Her Knight is Keri’s first film, which utilizes her vocals in an ethereal, soft sound (as can be heard on Her Knight's Main Webpage).

The Lyons Consort (now The Lyons Chamber Players) – Orchestral Musician Group
The group was founded by Douglas Lyons, a french horn player who has performed as a soloist and ensemble musician in Europe and North America. The ensemble combines strings, winds and brass and is inspired by the elite chamber ensembles of Eastern Europe. While piano and percussion are sometimes added, their regular instrumentation varies between nine to twelve instruments. Members of the Lyons Consort come from a diversity of musical backgrounds and come from such cities as Osaka, New Orleans, Moscow, Quebec, Bucharest, and New York City, to name just a few.

Scott Rader – Scoring Mixer
Living in Pasadena with his wife, Scott Rader works as a professional sound and scoring mixer out of his home. He has worked on many projects with friend Douglas Lyons of The Lyons Consort.

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