Tina Mayer Sexy European Girl
A native of Slovenia, she began her career as a world-class rhythmic gymnast, a 3 time national champion with 7 years of Olympic training and 5 years as a national representative at International tournaments and championships. Using this talent, Tina worked on TV shows such as the European Cup in Goteborg Sweden and in theater plays such as at the Cankarjev Dom Theater. Fueled by her stint at acting, Tina came to the United States to study to become an actress, studying at the UCLA Extension Film, TV and Digital Entertainment program. Here, she has since also had training at the Fillips-Paulin Group and AIA Studios, learning every aspect of acting, and has starred in films such as Stay Awake.

Yasuyo Kaneda Sexy Japanese Girl
Being originally from Japan, Yasuyo has always aspired to be an actress, which is the reason she came to the United States. She has since enrolled in the UCLA Extension Film, TV and Digital Entertainment program, studying acting at such classes as Acting Techniques 1: The Fundamental under teacher Karen Landry Mulkey and Accent Reduction by Rebecca Nimbley. At the same time, Yasuyo has appeared in numerous films including Her Knight and more recently The Last Samurai.

Ted Downs Courtney's Friend
Ted has done much in his life, including modeling for a Chicago Charity Fundraiser, dance/music such as the "College Hip-Hop Contest" at the University of Michigan, television like the show Mister Sterling, and more recently acting in the Her Knight film.

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