Hal Evey – Partygoer #1
Living in Los Angeles, CA, pursuing film goals, Hal decided to be an extra for the Her Knight party scene.

Alison Granato – Partygoer #2
A friend of the Her Knight Production Coordinator Begum Kurt, Alison currently resides in Orange County.

Oanh Nguyen – ROOMS Patron #1
A native of Canada, Oanh always wanted to experience Hollywood. She is currently employed in the medical field.

Jenni Alpert – ROOMS Patron #2
A distinguished singer (having contributed several songs for Her Knight - see Crew section), Jenni always wanted to act in film too.

Hayateru Saito – ROOMS Patron #3
From Japan, Hayateru is a frequent real-life parton of ROOMS Café, especially while he studies for school.

Eri Suzuki – ROOMS Patron #4
A friend of Oanh Nguyen, Eri is originally from Japan. She came to the United States to study Oceanography, currently living in Orange County.

Steve Okie – ROOMS Owner
Originally from Japan, Steve came to the United States to found the successful ROOMS Café, which is where one of the Her Knight scenes was shot. He frequently travels back to Japan.

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